Producer at Strange Scaffold

I served as the Lead Producer at Strange Scaffold for our 2023 vampire-hunting, world-ending shooter, El Paso, Elsewhere.

Rat House Games

Rat House Games is a New York based studio of multidisciplinary queer artists and game designers brought together by humor as a tool for resilience. They aim to tell lighthearted stories through accessible games that empower marginalized communities.

colorful title screen of Ranked Choice dating depicting the NYC mayoral candidates, illustrated by Sally ChenDuring the 2021 Cohort of EmergeNYC, I met Jason Wang. Jason presented a 5 minute sketch comedy piece called Ranked Choice Dating, styled like a dating sim. It is a darkly satiric look at the 2021 NYC mayoral race, and I loved the black humor. I told them I had made visual novels before and wanted to develop the idea into a full game. They agreed, so we collaborated to create a tiny studio named Rat House Games.

ending card from Ranked Choice Dating, leaving the player character sitting alone at a campaign table

Solo Dev

I have been developing games by myself (or on small jam teams) since 2016. Most notably:

You can find more of my games and jam work on my page.

cover image for Professor Quackerton in: The Locked Birdhouse cover image for Cryptid (Mis)Communication cover image for Map Your Home


The Story Reaper

cover art of the Story Reaper podcastThis spooky collection of narratives will take listeners all over the world with the Storyreaper and their apprentice as they listen to and collect the strangers' mysterious accounts. This world is full of untold tales - frightful and profound, fantastical and honest. These stories are waiting. And they must be collected.

I cast and voice directed season one of the all ages fantasy-horror podcast The Story Reaper. The season includes 8 episodes written by 8 different writers, all of marginalized genders, including myself for the final episode Hungry House.

The cast includes 24 actors across 46 different characters, obviously with many of the actors doubling roles.

Episodes can be found on Overcast, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, or wherever you collect your podcasts.

Exit 7 by Clare Beth McConnell

Exit 7 is an original coming of age story - a story about broken rules, infatuation with books, delirious laughter, gut-wrenching mistakes, small untruths, and disarming declarations. But, most of all, this is a story about girls.

In winter of 2021, I directed this original play to be performed masked but live in a theater, filmed and then broadcasted to the virtual audience. I met Clare Beth at the O'Neill National Theater Institute, and we've been longtime collaborators since then, and I thank her for trusting me with this piece in these very unique circumstances.

I directed the play completely virtually, never meeting the actors, stage manager, or designers in person during the process. We coordinated over email, drive, and discord to create the piece. It came together with a budget of $400 thanks to the team of student designers at Furman, where Clare Beth was (at the time) a senior. Full credits can be found in the video's description.

one character covers the other's mouth in an exaggerated way in Exit 7' two characters hug in dim light in Exit 7 one character in Exit 7 dramatically splays over a rock

Exit 7 photos by Kaitlin Noble.

Writing Samples

My writing can be seen in action in Professor Quackerton in: The Locked Birdhouse, the jam game A Reel Mystery, and The Story Reaper episode 8: Hungry House (coming 2024).

Animated Short

So You're Probably Wondering- is a 3 page action comedy starring a tiny pug super spy.

Animated Short PDF

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A 10 page selection of dialogue snippets pulled from my scripts and screenplays. In order: Buyer's Remorse (live action), Sewer Rat (stage), and Closer Than They Seem (animation).

Dialogue PDF

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Video Game Barks

Written for a multiplayer FPS with bouncy, memorable characters, a la Overwatch. Please note, the 'Cora Valdez' barks cover suggestive and nsfw topics.

Barks PDF

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For more writing samples, send me an email.

Voice Acting

My Demo

I have extensive vocal training - primarily from my musical theatre background - and I have decided to use my powers for evil I voice characters in video games, podcasts, and animation. I am listed in the QueerVox database.


Trained with

Sound Design

I have designed sound in Richmond, VA for many of the local theaters. These plays include:

I am always available for new sound design projects, and welcome inquiries.


illustrated portrait of Candace by faustus0

or: who's this clown?

Hi! I'm Candace. My work is clown and queer; it seeks to challenge and stretch what is expected or known into a kinder, more caring, more attentive, and more inclusive space than the world at large.

It needs to exist so I can.

I make work that imagines a brighter world, that reflects what I see around me, and refracts it to emphasize the absurdities of day to day life of a working class, queer, southerner. I want to make work that makes you laugh and cry at the same time and makes you wonder, is this the way that things actually have to be? Why?

I currently reside on Powhatan land - otherwise known as Richmond, VA, USA - but I work all around the country and the world, both remotely and while traveling. I love to connect with folks from locales I've never been to and hear about the places that they love.

I am available for freelance, part time, or full time directing, producing, designing, VO, and writing work. (Yes, that is a lot of things! I'm a very curious person!) My email is the best way to reach me, and is situated at the top and bottom of this page.

This about page was last updated in January of 2024.